Company: Mushana
Media Inquiries contact: Angela Tucci Robinson
Phone: 914-500-1733
Email: moc.anahsum@alegna


(NEW YORK)  How can a person thousands of miles away in America make a real difference in the lives of women and children in Uganda? One bead at a time, thanks to the generous spirit and undaunted hope of Angela Tucci Robinson, founder and CEO of Mushana.

Mushana began in 2006 with the vision of building lasting bonds through ethical consumerism, creating a lifestyle brand that would allow artisan women in communities in Uganda to connect with consumers in the U.S. to create sustainable lives from sustainable products. Exclusive designs, such as the beautifully jewel-toned Gratitude Mala necklace, showcase a level of commitment and quality apparent throughout the Mushana line of handcrafted beads, fabric, art, fashion and home accessories.

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Robinson had a chance meeting with a woman from Uganda at a New York AIDS event in 2006. Little did she know this encounter would set her on a new course and would have an impact on the lives of women thousands of miles away, as well as her own. She felt compelled to find a way to make a lasting difference, and became involved through a charitable relationship with an orphanage and AIDS widow community. Her initial financial support for this village led to the development of Mushana, which means sun in Uganda.


“For us to bond with each other … people we’ve never met, I am encouraging them to bring their stories to life through the craftsmanship and beauty of another culture and country,” Robinson explains.

As part of Mushana’s global initiative, Robinson created “bead bonding” linking artisans in Uganda with designers around the world. By collaborating with these designers, Mushana is providing an opportunity for a sustainable and dignified source of income for these communities. “There’s an appreciation and respect for people who are able to work with things that come from the earth … there is something to learn from a culture that doesn’t have very much and they use what they have,” Robinson said. “The inspiration comes from other people and it inspires us to share this message of hope and healing.” Together, Robinson believes, we can make a difference locally and globally by “working together under one sun.”


For more information or media inquires, contact Angela Tucci Robinson at 914- 500-1733; e-mail: moc.anahsum@alegna or visit